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Regardless of whether WITTS is real or not, I do get this nagging feeling that the water heater may be a workable device. My guess is that they are using sympathetic resonance set up within a sphere to create a standing wave with very high amplitude. In the video he mentions ultrasonic resonance and the movie Chain Reaction in which sympathetic frequencies are used to dissociate water to release the hydrogen.

So... think about dropping a pebble in the center of a pail of water. The waves ripple out and then consolidate in the center again at great amplitude (if the pebble is dropped in the exact center). With proper timing that wave would eventually have water spilling out of the pail. If ultrasonic waves are sent out in 3 dimensions (in a sphere) I would imagine the amplitude would be even greater.
So what if we take a sphere. Create a circuit to stimulate an ultrasonic inducer and then run a frequency sweep while measuring the globe/water for temperature change. I would imagine that it wouldn't take long to find the resonant frequency of the globe this way and create a heating device if it's a viable working device.
This is my guess at how it works.

The questions I have are...

Where can I find a stainless steel globe?
How do you build or where can you find an ultrasonic inducer (inexpensive)?
Also... From analyzing the video, I can see that they have wires leading to the probe (actuator) and the globe. Are they creating a large capacitor or what?
What type of water is in there? Distilled? RO? Salt water?

Anybody else have any ideas about this?
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