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Reference Point

I use the ohm meter as a reference point for finding good candidates. If I have used improper terminology, I apologize.
  • I first find a battery 3v or less, If the battery is dry, I add water to wet the plates. If the battery recovers from the water to above 3v, I don't use it.
  • I take the battery candidate and drain the power from it completely.
  • Let it set for a couple days shorted. ( We like sulfated batteries. )
  • Stick my ohm meter on the battery at it highest setting. A good candidate will ALWAYS show infinite. The ones that have given me a reading, have never worked out. I test the battery in both directions in case there is some remnant charge in one direction from the battery that causes a reading. I do not know what goes on inside my meter, just that I get a reading.
I look for a stone dead battery. I have had no luck with those that are just weak batteries. Oh, some will give me longer runs, but that is not what I'm looking for. I'm obsessed over those two that charged my primaries. That is my experience.
Good Luck,

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