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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
Hi folks,

Thanks for the good posts. They really did kill the electric car (the EV-1), and because they were just too good. They never sold any of them - just leased them out to customers, then later simply rounded them all up and hauled them away. Most were given to universities, minus of course the controller systems. The universities have had some luck reverse engineering the controller systems, and one is to be seen here, coutresy of the University of Wisconsin: YouTube - Working EV1 !! You can see the "Who Killed the Electric Car" video at this site: YouTube - Who Killed the Electric Car? (Part 1 of 11)
Think about that...

If you are working actively to promote alternative electric cars, then WHY WHY do you remove the working controllers of the car?

You are right, they made it TOO good and they must hide that which opens the minds. Better closed minds to the only solution the SUV.
See my experiments here...

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