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Battery 3

@JJUK, @All
I have had the coveted, charging of the primaries, with 2 different batteries. One, for just one evening of fun with a standard motor. The other, I played with for nearly a week using the, before mentioned pulse motor. I would run the motor, an inverter, and various loads up to 150 watts, on the inverter. I had a couple runs up to 4 hours on the last good/bad battery and when I shut it down, my primaries would be fully charged! Now, I'm not talking some 100 Ah batteries, these are 7Ah. Then I tried to run it over night with a 100 watt load. The big test!

The next morning, I found the primaries drained. I put on a fresh set of primaries and...
nothing worked the same. My 3rd battery was no longer translating. At first, I thought a short in my motor, but no. Put my scope on the motor, Scalars abundant. Like my first 3rd battery/translator, it stopped working. I am still on the hunt for the next.

Things I found common on my successful 3rd battery/translator:
found standing voltage; less than 3v ( when drained will hold at 0 )
impedance; off the charts ( I have 3 different kinds of ohm meters and none could get any reading on these 2 batteries ) I can normally read good batteries and most dead ones.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,