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I hooked up two brand new $30 dollar apiece AWG 2.5 amp hour batteries to one of my larger AWG batteries (a bad one) that wouldn't let the motor start in the 3BGS configuration. I made the mistake of leaving it connected overnight. Today both brand new batteries showed 5 volts and would not run my motor when connected directly (well, barely, and then it would quit). I tried putting them on a charger, but it indicates they are fully charged and wouldn't charge them. So I took one of them and put it in the third position with two other batteries and ran it for two hours. At the end of that time the other two batteries had dropped in voltage and the little 2.5 had come up to 9 volts. Now it works on the charger again. Oh what fun. Still have one to fix and no positive results with the setup so far.
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