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Re: Tucker movie

Hi folks,

Thanks for the good posts. They really did kill the electric car (the EV-1), and because they were just too good. They never sold any of them - just leased them out to customers, then later simply rounded them all up and hauled them away. Most were given to universities, minus of course the controller systems. The universities have had some luck reverse engineering the controller systems, and one is to be seen here, courtesy of the University of Wisconsin: YouTube - Working EV1 !! You can see the "Who Killed the Electric Car" video at this site: YouTube - Who Killed the Electric Car? (Part 1 of 11)

I loved the Tucker movie, and I have probably watched it at least a half dozen times. It brings home the reality that if you are not filthy rich already then you don't stand any chance whatsoever of building and marketing a product that makes the competition look bad. They're just not going to allow that to happen. Only 51 Tucker prototypes were built for 1948, when financing went bad. Still, many of these cars are alive and roadworthy today. Check it out at the Tucker Club: news

As a sidenote, I heard that they opened a new Shell Hydrogen refueling station a couple of days ago in California. Seems that governor Arnold wants to establish his Hydrogen superhighway. There are 25 refueling stsions in California now. Great idea - that should help clean up some of the smog. Hydrogen production at the Shell station will be done on-site by the electrolysis of water using 'green electricity' purchased from the Los Angeles City Department of Water & Power. It will then be compressed and stored to provide daily fueling. I wonder, though, what people are getting whacked there for a Hydrogen fillup. This note from Shell's Hydrogen FAQ seems to explain things just as I expected: "How much does hydrogen cost compared to petrol at the present moment? This is comparing apples and pears. There is no existing commercial market for hydrogen yet. However we have publicly stated that we expect a tank of hydrogen ultimately will get you as far as the same tank filled with petrol for about the same costs."

Now isn't that just ducky?

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