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U.S. Constitution

I suppose that I should do more to explain my opinion of the Constitution.

"his Constitution provided for the substitution of a popularly elected parliament and president for an unelected king, but it changed nothing regarding their power to tax and legislate. To the contrary, while the English king's power to tax without consent had only been assumed rather than explicitly granted and was thus in dispute,[8] the Constitution explicitly granted this very power to Congress. Furthermore, while kings in theory, even absolute kings had not been considered the makers but only the interpreters and executors of preexisting and immutable law, i.e., as judges rather than legislators,[9] the Constitution explicitly vested Congress with the power of legislating, and the president and the Supreme Court with the powers of executing and interpreting such legislated law.[10]

In effect, what the American Constitution did was only this: Instead of a king who regarded colonial America as his private property and the colonists as his tenants, the Constitution put temporary and interchangeable caretakers in charge of the country's monopoly of justice and protection."

On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution - Hans-Hermann Hoppe - Mises Daily

We revolted against king George over a 4 % tax. We now pay 40%.
The very FIRST battles of the Revolutionary war were fought over attempted gun confiscation at Lexington and concord.
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