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Originally Posted by Chip Shorter View Post
Its a mcr265-10 which is rated for 55 amps @800 on my original version(edit)
Depending on the size of your capacitor. If you use a very big cap maybe you want to go with the higher current SCR. So if you see yourself down the road going to change the cap around or add more, maybe a bigger SCR would be advantagous. Go with what you can afford.
A note about making changes to these circuits: Sometimes when you get the thing running you see what is really happening... In the book Free Energy Generation they talk about getting 300KW pulses on the negative side of the battery... In the same book they show an antenna variation whereas they hook up a long antenna to the HV cap and then fire the SCR into the Battery. If using an antenna we could presume that the voltage is there perhaps 200-600 volts but I can tell you very little current is present perhaps micro amps and the cap is very small probably a few hundred pico-farads. However the Dialectric strength of these componets must be able to withstand hundreds of volts. Also I can tell you that the advanced motor circuit with the 555 charges way faster than the antenna system. So pulse potential/frequency is key here. Remember when discharging caps electron current shows up due to the fact you have a voltage drop when the SCR fires. If you haven't already got the book Free Energy Generation Circuits and Schematics by John Bedini and Tom Bearden it is worth getting. Its hard to read at first but once you build the circuits-the motor ones at least-by the 5th or 6th time you read it all makes perfect sense. I strongly recommend the book because it covers the theory and how it has been misinterpeted/overlooked over the last 100+ years. Also the bibliography section of the book is chock full of interesting info too.
Thanks I have the book. I don't relate to much of it. My objective is to get to supercharged batteries. I hear rumours they exists... but still tracking them down.

See my experiments here...

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