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Blast from the Past

Back in 2008 when I first posted on Overunity and Sterling Allen did a page on this on PESWiki, somebody here at EF started a page on the 3BGS..only as "David Bowling's Continuous Charger". It died rather quickly. I did not even know about this site at that time.

Anyway, at that time DavidE posted the following info:

Below is a schematic that does actually charge with minimal losses.

When I put the motor between the positives... it did charge the
battery, the charging battery actually got warm. I also could
here it boiling inside (charging battery).

When I put it on the negative side, just charging... no increase

Test #6 30 minute duration
30 min rest then collect standing voltage
Battery 1 12.35v/12.35v (loss .00)
Battery 2 12.32v/12.32v (loss .00)
Battery 3 2.05v/1.95v
Battery 4 12.22V/12.47v (gain .25v)

As to the motor... no switching control (just on/off). As the
battery gets charged it slows down to just a few rpm.

Test #7 60 minute duration
60 min rest then collect standing voltage
Battery 1 12.36v/12.33v (loss .03)
Battery 2 12.33v/12.29v (loss .04)
Battery 3 1.99vv/1.97v
Battery 4 9.14v/11.61v (gain 2.24v)

Which indicates to me that there MAY be a difference when you split the positives or negatives with the motor. My original split the positives. So I am going to go back to putting the motor between the positives. His schematic showed THREE primaries and the motor between the positives of battery three (good battery) and battery 4 (bad battery).

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