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Empire and propanagda.

Monsieur M, the British upper class are the absolute scum of the earth. Britain has invaded every country on earth except for 22.
Unfinished business? The 22 countries worldwide that Britain's not yet invaded - World History - World - The Independent
The Romans gave the Anglo-Saxons a leg-up on mechanized warfare.
This allowed England to get a head start on the industrial revolution.
They leveraged this into an empire.

It also allowed England to boost food production. There was no scheme too foul for the English to implement. They purposely starved the Irish. They maintained the population of India at 220 million for a full century by means of rotating famines.
They drug America into World wars. They were losing market-share to Germany and Japan. The list goes on and on,,, crimes against humanity.

Here's a good vid on propaganda.
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