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bad bad ... naughty battery

It very clear that many guys are chasing after a method to stabilise that splendid “Bad battery” once its got off The naughty step that is! It seems very likely to me for the reasons above that the crystal formation is probably responsible in some way. One of the possibilities that comes to the fore front particularly as David mentioned that the anonymous contributor used “conditioned batteries” with the capacitor system is that there is a much harder resilient “crystal lattice” formed by what we and many thousands who have built SSGs know by the euphemism of “conditioned batteries” (Wow that Bedini guys responsible for a lot of sleepless nights … well done John! )
I also recall that JB considered that capacitors also became “conditioned” although as far as I know science makes no provision for this “conditioned” structure . I Recalled JB did a demonstration showing the condition of a plate in a/ A conditioned battery and b/A none conditioned battery
I was sure It was part of the Energy from the vacuum series, (perhaps it is and I haven’t found it yet) I obviously have a hope that this structure could remain stable. Although I could not find the Energy from the vacuum DVD I did find the clip and comment on the condition mouldering in the energetic archives since circa 2008 thanks to John Bedini's assistant Rick Friedrich the clip remains current. I link to the thread instead of the you tube clip because perhaps some of those members may yet be able to progress our understanding of “conditioning” what it is, and how it works!
I make no apology for dredging this up from the past
.MUST SEE ! John Bedini with showing the crystals on the plates
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