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we can define our history of the future

At OpenEnlightenment, a forum, an effort has begun to create equity in mankind and solve its problems. I invite all of you who want truth to be the foundation of the future, and establish humanity as worthy of the future, to unite on earth as we do in Heaven.

Seek truth, as it has been provided. While I am dying, and have seen the ugly truth, there are those who have the power to do anything...if united. The secret societies that control this world and the definition of man, easily keep us focused on simple materialistic selfish ways.

Our goals on this planet are to unite and harness truth to oppose the lies. The definition of mankind cannot survive a courtroom as we are. We must become honest and non-materialistic, and share. We need to learn to give.

This is all a reasonable goal. It is supported by the truths I have offered. Ego is the delusion which is the result of science. The secrets control our future, even when history has set the truth in stone. We simply cannot be honest, as we live within ego.

Excuses fool no one except in our delusion. Your soul is your truth, and does not need our weak devotion to needs us to unite in truth. The invitation is given now, by me, who has paid the price by giving my life. Do we want to define humanity for the universe to examine, as salesmen and lawyers? I would rather have a farmer who had to become a soldier to protect his family and his truth, from the secrets.

I will not accept your fear, but i will excuse it. There is always tomorrow. As men, we allow the women to do our dirty work for us, but I promise you, once we unite you will be brave and shine, as we define the future of man.

I will not lie to you. We will do some tough jobs, and a bit of suffering. Seeking truth will inspire you as you go, and the evil will give up their materialistic ways as they see their demise. It is up to us to define the future of humanity upon a foundation of truth.

Don't let dirty bombs define our future. Excuses do not work with me. It is our job and you are part of the problem if you do not stand up for truth. Show our superiors that we are worth having a future.

Thank you
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