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New Test

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I would hang on to that one that never let your motor start. It's what we've been looking for to use in the battery modification experiments we've got going. AND, you could just leave it connected for as long as you can stand to do so. Eventually the motor might come on. It might take overnight though.


I tried a bad 17 AH sealed LAB from a UPS that I picked up yesterday connected to a 1.5 hp 100 VDC motor and it worked. B1 & B2 are 200 AH LABs.

Changing the motor and the bad battery did the trick. The motor waited a few minutes and took off.

A 0.5 hp 120 VAC motor was connected to M1 as a load (M2). The wires from the brushes on M2 were taken to caps and the voltage fed to the input on a SG3524 based Bedini charger. The charger raised a 3K AH battery bank 0.6 volts today.

When the load on M2 is disconnected, M1 runs very fast.

Again, air core coils were used to load the bad battery. With no load on M2, the motor screamed. Connecting the caps to the M2 outpur slowed things back down.

Connecting the primary of a 120/240 to 48 volt transformer really brought the voltage down on the bad battery to the 0.9 range. The system seems to like running the the 2 volt range - give or take a bit.

M2 decided to break loose from it's moorings, so I changed to another bad 17 AH battery while making a new couplingg and nailing things back down. I'll let this run overnight and see how she plays.

You may be on to something about letting the North Star 100AH battery sit connected overnight. That thought drifted through my mind while playing with the setup today. I had another one of those outside, so I brought it in last night. We'll make another setup and give that a shot. Big batteries may just take more time.

You folks have a Happy New Year!!