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Hi folks, Hi newwalter, thanks for bringing up that video again, have seen it before, based on the parallel path idea.
Have tested the parallel path method and it definitely gives a 4 to 1 amplification of magnetic density on one end, then the other.
Will it generate efficient electrical output by what is shown, only way to know is try it.
Though, can think of an oscillator that might work just as well or better and create a more true AC oscillating magnetic field and that would be the simple inverter circuit.
If the bifilar coil of the simple inverter were separated, so one coil on each side, and if it still oscillated, that would work great, maybe.
Or, the bifilar could be placed on just one side to couple the permanent magnet on each end, alternately.
Not sure if that would cause a permanent magnet at either end to prefer to follow the coils magnetic field completely and leave a zero flux density in the outer leg generator coil, though it could be worth a try.
Have a small ferrite flyback core here that could fit some small neos or ceramic magnets to try this.
Will start making a new coil former for this flyback and make some tests, to see and compare output in a generator coil on each outer leg.
Do know that this setup cannot be over driven, just enough drive coil magnetic field is needed to couple either permanent magnets field to one side or the other.
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