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Originally Posted by harctan View Post
Joule thief circuits are great. You can use it to power a light or charge another battery from a lower voltage source, but they still require a power source. No free energy there. Also Dr. Lirpa Sloof is April Fools spelled backwards and it was posted on April 1st. It's just a prank, meaning FAKE. This thread is about the brushless fans modified with the bedini ssg circuit so please post questions that are related to this project only. For anything else you would like to discuss please search for the related thread and if you can't find one then create a new one.
Hi Harctan!,

sure, I will not longer take this place for my thoughts regarding this extension cord whatever it is but please let me show you last thing which caught my eye: Free Energy Power Generator - YouTube

it's my last ask for you :-) (for you because you're the only one who answered my post personally) - in your opinion could it work that way it is shown ???

In case you do not want to use this Thread to answer me please send me an e-mail (PM or so) -- I will do appreciate it !!
Take care and all the best for you in the New Year 2013!!!!
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