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Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
Hi FTC and Francis,

The voltage requirements for the 555 are quite flexible. Low voltage versions can be powered with voltages ranging from 2V to 16.5V ICM7555, ICM7556 Low-Power, General-Purpose Timer - Overview

The NE555 ranges from 4.5V to 15V:
555 timer IC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Where higher voltages are needed, there are solutions:
18V max: NE555N datasheet(picture) PDF download, NE555N Price: .54 [STMicroelectronics] NE555N - DataSheet

Other solutions:
Is there a 555 timer that has maximum supply voltage of 40V or higher? - Yahoo! Answers

ADDABOY Harvey)))))))))

even this old fard recognized 555 specs. good info to know. dont know where others got there there's.
gerald b.
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