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Originally Posted by Grace View Post
Hi Jimmy,

Of course! I made CEM corrections for you this morning on Abundance, and I will continue to do so along with all in this group. I have taught privately this great Healing art to many people since I began back in 20001. You can also get more information on learning Chinese Energetic Medicine from my teacher, Dr. Kam Yuen at Yuen Method by Dr. Kam Yuen - No More Healing! — The Yuen Method by Dr. Kam Yuen - No More Healing! I also highly recommend reading the book by Dr. David Hawkins Ph.D, M.D. "Power vs Force". Feel free to post any changes you experience, or any other questions you may have. Thank you Jimmy for your post.
Thank you very much Grace. I have heard nothing but good things about Dr. Yuen and would very much like to study with him, but being a college student is not going to allow me to anytime soon(I hope I didnt violate LoA by stating my reality). Would you recommend any of the products on his website? I've heard they are outdated, but I am definitely going to check out Dr. Hawkins's book. I haven't found any loose change yet but I seem to have a more relaxed attitude towards money, and am definitely thinking about it less. And that means something, thanks again Grace.
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