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Re: Magnesium dangerous?

Hi dambit,

That's too bad you can't locate any magnesium sheet metal in Austrailia. That surprises me, because it seems that Australia is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to development of free energy concepts and devices. Suppliers everywhere, though, are wary of selling magnesium to individuals, and do treat it as a hazardous material. The main reason why magnesium is considered dangerous is because of fire hazard. Magnesium powder is an exlposion hazard because it is very easy to ignite, and burns with an intense flame. That's why it is used so widely in the manufacture of fireworks. Your eyes can be permanently damaged if you stare at a magnesium flame. You can scrape a bar of magnesium with a knife blade and create some really hot sparks that will start a fire very quickly. In sheet metal form, magnesium poses less of a danger than powdered or ribboned magnesium, but it will auto-ignite at less than 900F degrees and will accellerate to 4,000F degrees. Once ignited, a magnesium fire can not be extinguished using CO2, and water will accellerate the burn. Magnesium will react with water to form Hydrogen at room temperature, which poses an increased danger in an indoor environment. Industries that use magnesium are required to store it in a dry, fireproof environment, and it must be kept isolated from flammable liquids, gasses, or substances known to react with magnesium.

Hope this helps. Best regards to you, Rickoff
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