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Originally Posted by dambit View Post
I have a great book titled "Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries". It is a fantastic book with all kinds of medical and technical information that has been suppressed. I'm not sure if anyone here has looked into it, but with regards to water/hydrogen converters, an inventor by the name of Francisco Pacheco built an amazing hydrogen generator/cell. patent # 5,089,107 . It uses basic chemestry and is fairly simple to construct. The only problem is getting magnesium in sheet form. I can't seem to find it. I did a small proof of concept to see if it might work. I used small scraps of the metals and arranged them in the correct manner. It seems to work fairly well even in small scale.
Dear Dambit,

If you Google "magnesium sheet", there are 2.7 million hits. I think the days of not being able to find things are over. When in doubt, just do a Google search. Its out there!

Hope this helps.

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