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LOL, yup that would make that stude a bit of an anachronism indeed.

yes, the carburation of the opel is the main reason why i posted it. and to be fair the opel's achievement shouldn't take anything away from pogue. 200+mpg in '36 is phenom.
i'm a life long builder of hotrods. my father 'made' me rebuild the entire engine in my first minibike when i was 5, BEFORE i could ride it. i was so mad at him at the time... now, i can't even begin to describe how important of a lesson that was for me.

to anyone looking to find more performance/economy from your vehicle please learn all you can about the induction system, exhaust systems, heads and valvetrain as well as bore vs stroke relationships.

shameless plug for my dad's book
Falcon 6 Performance Handbook

thanks again rickoff

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