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Suppressed Technologies and Inventors

I ran a search here for "Suppressed Technologies," and found no results, so thought this thread would prove interesting and develop much discussion. In some threads there is discussion about a specific technology discovered in bygone days that never made it to the mainstream, and these stories prove to be very thought provoking. We build HHO generators for our vehicles in an attempt to reduce gasoline dependency, and we feel rather happy if we can say that we are now getting 40 to 60 miles per gallon. But our results are meager when compared to confirmed tests of carburetors developed by Charles Pogue (and patented in Canada) back in the 1930's, which delivered over 200 mpg! If you search US patents, there are literally hundreds of carburetion patents that claimed to deliver more than 100 mpg. Furthermore, fuel efficiency is just one example of technologies, and their inventors, that have been suppressed over many decades. I thought it would be interesting to look at these suppressions in a time line sequence, and was able to find a fairly decent representation at the link shown below. Someone did a lot of research to put all of this together, and added links to further information and patent documents, which makes it quite handy when delving further into a particular technology which is of especially high interest to the reader. This isn't a complete list, by any stetch of the imagination, but I am sure that anyone browsing through it will find something they weren't previously aware of. I would urge readers to use this thread to discuss the inventors and inventions that are listed, and to add listings (using same format of date, description, and reference links) of inventors and their inventions which are not included in the information given at the following link:

Suppressed Technoloties 2

Good browsing to you, Rickoff
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