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There is only ONE system for production by mankind. Man takes his stored capital and energy and builds infrastructure to improve his world. If man only produces the same as what he consumes, he has nothing left over to build infrastructure. Stored capital can be either energy or material.

The health of all societies is dependent on the surpluses they produce. There is no limit to demand. Everyone would live like a king if they could. There is a limit on supply. Free-market capitalism, in a general sense, tries to direct the most supply to those who are most productive.

Socialism is an alternative plan for directing the supply. A free market is more-or-less self-directing. You do your work and collect a check. Socialism requires your check to be partitioned to support those who consume more than they produce. Since demand is always infinite, the demands on your check are ever-increasing. Socialism requires a huge bureaucracy to enforce the partitioning and disbursement. Socialism requires a command-economy and ,eventually, a police state.

Those who produce less than they consume eventually eat up the surpluses.
The eventual outcome is an economic crash and a police state. We are on our way.
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