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I think we missed the forest for the trees.

going back over the posts and schematics that Eric has supplied I noticed some things that I couldn't fit, it was the 'test button' that triggered the 'oh crap' moment.
CW, couple of puzzle pieces, Eric is an OM XMTR WID RTTY. decode that and it makes sense.

I'd normally just spell it out, but if Eric saw fit to hide the code then I'm not going to spoil the hunt for others. Possibly a filter test.

putting all the schematics together and you'll see the layout in order to build the receptive unit to communicate further with Eric.

now to getting the missing parts and learning a new language.

smokey, no offense buddy but your AGE is probably most helpful here. any background with CW MC?

On a slightly different note, the RCA construction book covers the transmitting tube and it's design construction that parallels Erics CRT. not an accident I think, Eric is well versed in tube design as based on his schematics and probably his time spent with Farnsworth technology. I don't recall where I got the book copy from but it's full of very useful information, the section on space charge is esp useful to Erics latest schematics on the cathode ray.

can't let this wither away...
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