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1) This moment is my final contact on the internem. My operating position in prison planet is no more, but the important glom mission here is complete. Much material has been gathered for the construction of a new Telluric receiving station, but no 1000 acre antenna farm yet has been found, if it even ever will be found. An independent party (jpolakow) is beginning the transmitter construction for a Cosmic Inductorium. I can provide little more information on this subject, I have already given out more than enough.

2) I had hoped this final interval on the EG forum would have led to an interesting discussion and/or display of information. This is why I started up on the ray cathode ideas, and the question regarding this asked of me. Instead, someone who talks to fairies exclaims an amazing discovery, Pi equals 0! It is a bottomless pit.

3) The response I just received on my recent posting on the "Wardenclyffe, true intention" is very revealing as to the uselessness here. I see how the concocted phantasies and messages from the fairies overwhelms useful material. "Hobby Eon" and "Tesla Secrets" really win the prize for twisting and distorting the notions of Tesla. Free energy is sought with the same fervor as a sailor hunting for a "piece of ass", truly pathetic. Verily they are shills. Lust for "free" energy secrets.

Such a fantastic phantasy has been propped up in the name of Tesla, and Wardenclyffe has become a depository for disinformation, there is no turning back now. Any functional information is a threat to the Hobby Queek, he is ignorant and thereby insists that all others must be ignorant like him. A bottom feeder can only see into the mud. Even Tesla himself would be denounced by the Hobby Queek, viciously so. These are immutable characteristics of the "Human Element". Soon the entire human race will destroy itself in a final war, VERY soon. It will be glorious, Armageddon now.

3) My final writing here will be in broadcast form. Those who actually produce know how to continue to communicate with me. I will finish my writings on "Wardenclyffe" describing the force against this site going straight back to Tesla. It is important for the inquiring mind to know what really blocks Tesla's work and why. One always seeks a logical motive in the study of a criminal act. It is unfortunate the EG forum serves as an element of this malevolent effort..


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