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0A4G and Moray

0A4G Argon Detector Tube:
Eric has gone into the wilderness again so time to catch up on what he has expounded upon at this IE meeting - it's like having a fleeting relationship with someone!
Eric will only talk about what he wants to and your questions go unanswered if they don't fit his mood.

I keep correcting Eric as the 0A4G is Argon filled and not Neon - has that beautiful violet colour in operation.

However, you need to read into what he is saying as he is brilliant in his field and these people will leave out certain bits that you need to fill in yourself as you will have also discovered with reading Tesla and Leedskalnin and Moray.

With the 0A4G Eric has asked a question at Post 347 on Fig6 - 'What can this circuit do?'
Without mentioning the man's name he is presenting to me certain hints as to the working device of Moray in what that circuit can do is to act as a front end for the Moray device - a Cosmic Ray detector or 'Receptor' and why I built the 'Cosmic Ray Detector' and began asking questions.
Moray began with rather large aerials of length 300' and height of 90' but in the end did not require any antennas at all.
This looks to me to be the front end that does not require an aerial and is cosmically attached or attracted.

Moray's 'The Sea Of Energy In Which The Earth Floats' in Chapter 10 he shows a radio schematic with hand written notes:

Thomas Henry Moray: The Sea of Energy ~ Excerpts of technical factoids & illustrations of the Moray Radiant Energy Receiver

The radio diagram is a 'Silver Marshall' of about 1927 vintage and he is using that to show his 'Moray Valve' which is drawn in at the front end and is shown looking like a diode but without the polarity bar.
The transformers shown are SM 220 221 which are 'Silver Marshall' audio transformers which are noted as being 'true transformers' and investigating that matter now.
The battery voltages shown makes the diagram confusing as you would expect to have no external power applied and that is the true Moray case - no external power!
However, you will observe in the diagram a note that states - 'Note reversed Tube connections of Plate and Grid' and this is on the very first detector Tube a 201A and we then get back to Eric and his very clear and precise directions as to how the Anode and Cathode are reversed in the operation of a 'cold cathode' 0A4G.

Now do you see what it is all about?

What Eric is presenting in this Post is the use of the 0A4G as a front end Cosmic Ray detector tube for a Moray device and attached to a Geiger/Muller Tube as the 'Receptor'.

The Silver Marshall company had a huge manufacturing facility in Chicago, Illinois but unfortunately went to the wall in 1933 like many others in the Depression years.
During the same period there were radios on the market that did not need external power sources and working on that phenomena now and the reason for the Germanium/Bismuth/Iron Sulphide/Molybdenum connection in the hemisphere.

Eric knows too much about this particular area and has studied certain phenomena which I can only suspect he will be working on himself and I feel fortunate in being able to keep up with and understand him even if he is unable to connect with my own Math and theory.
I will need to wait for his mood to change before I will make any headway with him.

Will keep you posted on this as others may want to follow this path with the Vacuum Tubes.

Have certain Tubes coming from the US but will not reveal their identity until after they arrive.

I will now make a bold staement that for Moray to use some 29 Tubes you begin to wonder why and for what reason and it now looks as if they are all mainly 'front end' detectors that are not operating sequentially but as individual Cosmic Ray collectors and individually feed into further, rectifiers, detectors, oscillators and amplifiers before finally outputting into a load.
Moray once having mastered one collector was then able to parallel those into a current amplifying device that eventually was able to supply some 50kW.
Wasn't it Leedskalnin the one that wanted you to 'ring the bell', soo too Eric Dollard.
No TEM here but all LMD waveguides, no heat, always 'cold' and using 30 awg winding wire.

I may be wrong but only time will tell as you will not find anything that is revealed here anywhere on the NET.
Appreciate very much the information that Eric has disclosed here as I am able to build on what he presents.
He mentions 1X2 Tubes which are old TV high voltage rectifier types but also includes 1S2 and many others similar which are capable of some 22Kvolts and I have been collecting these as well as the 1B22 & 1B23 spark gaps as well as other corona types.
Others are 1B3GT/1BC2/1BK2 and these range from 18 to 26Kvolts.
These Tubes are not expensive and should be readily available.

One thing of note here with the Photocells like the 90CG in that they contain emmisive material on the Cathode which is Caesium Oxide on Silver in this case which is a common coating and Caesium/Antimony, Potassium.
What this now indicates is that you have a natural amplifier of more 'cosmic electrons' being radiated from the surface of the material by secondary emission from the radioactive source coating.
Moray did not have these Tubes available to him in his day but are readily available to us today in vintage Tubes.
This is not a well defined area as most manufacturers simply list that the Tube has a 'coated cathode' but doesn't specifically say what that coating is, just as a gas filled Tube does not indicate exactly what gas is being used.
You have to search for this material if you require an answer.

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