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Natural law and parasites

You can talk about the good guys but, much depends on where you stand. Patriots in Cork are traitors in Kent. The Redman was killed here by the millions. The British empire was very successful. They used India as a greenhouse to enslave China with opium.
The victors write the history books and it becomes very difficult to discern who is good and bad.
When one speaks of the law, one must differentiate between natural and man-made law.
Natural law was laid out by Mother Nature and Charles Darwin.
Mother Nature does not want the weak to survive.
Socialism demands that the weak survive.

Frederic Bastiat had a lot to say about man-made law.

GOV produces nothing so it can only give what it has taken from others.
GOV is a scheme to force the producers to support the non-producers.
Mao Zedong. "Political power grows from the barrel of a gun".
This pretty much sums it up.
Socialist GOV would see the negation of all Darwinian pressures. Sometimes referred to as "pissing in the gene pool".
Fascist GOV would see the elimination of all non-performing assets. Sometimes referred to as the "anthill society". Produce and die.

If you are a productive person, your enemies are the legions of parasites.
The banker, the bureaucrat and the beggar.
The honest man operates from a reference of honesty. The parasite, being a non-producer can't afford honesty. The honest man is always at a disadvantage to the parasite.
The moral man holds his standards. The parasite can't afford to be squeamish. He will kill and rob without hesitation.

The parasites will give the hard-working man just enough leash to keep him producing.
The moral man will never prevail because he won't do the requisite killing.
He will kill a dog or a predator that steal stock but, he won't kill his 2 legged predator.

The parasites are very big on pushing democracy. That is their ticket for a free ride.
Democracy has never worked with just a few exceptions. Iceland being one of them.
All democracies eventually get overloaded with parasites who just vote for support instead of working for it. Ancient Greece had democracy if you ignore the fact that 1/3 of the people were slaves.
That is why America was founded as a republic and not a democracy.

America will crash because it is a democracy fast on it's way to socialism. U.S.S.R. crashed for the same reason. The Eurozone will do the socialism swan dive onto the rocks.
Regardless of the crashes, the people at the top plan to stay at the top.
The Story of Your Enslavement - YouTube
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