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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
The frequency is 3670 kc. The primary is a solenoid, although on the new coil there is no primary and I'll have to use the single turn test coil until I get thicker wire.

Yes I added the parallel wire to get more capacitance and get the conductor spacing down, especially seeing as I didn't have enough of the thicker wire. On the old coil the spacing was 137%, on the new one it's 91.7%. Also old 20% and new 15% height to diameter ratio.

No I didn't get the Excel file, do you have a link? I've made an Excel sheet for all the Theory Of Wireless Power calculations but it doesn't take reactance and mass etc into consideration. Shame about the signal generator.
Dr-green, your PM box is full.

I've posted the messy and revised or updated TRTCalc3 excel file on the yahoo groups for eric dollard.

hopefully that link works for you.

a note: this latest one is messy, very messy. It's been a scratch pad of sorts so there is a lot of cells with equations and calcs in them, the tabs along the bottom also contain various equations,complex hyperbolic, Teslas colorado notes, etc..

take some time to look it over and I'm sure some of the non-titled stuff will make some sense. In the center of the first sheet is a small box, in it is dark olive filled cells with white text, that is the start point. those are the editable boxes. the other boxes contain the results of those based on solid or coax cable. the mass, surface area etc.. may need some adjustment, hover over the cells and the pattern will make some sense.

let me know if you have any trouble...
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