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The State

You must look at the wider battlefield for, a battlefield it is.
In the beginning, there was man, tribes and clans. This evolved into society. Society was a pretty good idea. It allowed man more prosperity and security than the family unit.
After a time, the State reared it's ugly head. The State billed itself as an entity that was absolutely necessary to the prosperity, protection and organization of society.

While the State promised to provide for your earthly needs, religion promised to care for your eternal soul. They couldn't prove it existed so, they had to craft their message with LOTS of heavenly rewards. There is still a lot of debate.
Soul According to Tom Robbins

The State is working mightily to postpone it's upcoming obsolescence. It screeches endlessly that only the mighty State can provide prosperity and protection. The parasitic banks have managed to undo much of the prosperity promised by the State.
The implied protection from the State doesn't seem to be covered in the case of bank fraud.

The protection from the State as far as enemies of the people rings VERY hollow when you consider that the state had to manufacture those same enemies,,,, before they could protect you. The State is becoming obsolete. Technology has made most of it's functions redundant.
The State has always known this was coming. The State managed to get a stranglehold on the important functions of commerce and society. Besides the stranglehold on commerce and society, the State has inculcated EVERYONE to believe that the State is a necessary part of all that is useful.

Frank Chodorov along with Albert Nock wrote about the State being the great deceiver and the great evil.
Rise and Fall of Society: An Essay on the Economic Forces That Underlie Social Institutions: Frank Chodorov: Books

The State finds itself in the position where most of it's "functions" are better done by the private sector.. Private space-launches have perfectly illustrated the enormous efficiency gap between the private sector and the State sector. [NASA]
The list goes on and on. The State long ago became redundant.
This huge gorging parasite came up with a solution. It would tax the snot out of everybody [producers] and give this wealth to non-producers. These non-producers knowing where their bread was buttered would always go along with whatever the State desired. Hegel worked it out quite a while ago.
Communitarianism - Final Synthesis In Hegelian Dialectic

The redundant State buys the votes of the non-producers with the stolen wealth of the producers. The State is particularly useful to the parasites because it uses violence that is proscribed to the individual parasites.
In true parasitic fashion, the Grand Parasite has severely weakened the host.
The State has destroyed the Rule of Law to benefit the nexus of parasitism, the corporation. It is undying, untouchable and without morals.
Being eternal, it has no compunction against destroying the living.
It lives in a tight symbiosis with the State.
Corporations are given immunity and are very powerful. Power corrupts and attracts the already corrupt. 2 % of the populace are sociopaths. Sociopaths are attracted to the corporate structure because they need immunity to rise above the law and do what they do best.

The evil symbiotic triplets care not in the slightest what happens to man. They plan to never become ACTUALLY redundant.

They have a lock on control of resources.
The master resource is energy. They work hard to insure that energy is subject to CENTRAL distribution.
U.S. GOV has recently amended the Clean water Act to claim control of ALL water.

Central control of electricity is absolutely essential of the State is to avoid obsolescence and redundancy. GOV has installed a smart meter on your house so that they can cut off your resources any time that they feel it is necessary. The last thing that GOV wants is personal energy independence. That could lead to water and food independence.

If the People can't be artificially impoverished, how can they be forced to work supporting the non-producers?
The evil triplets have once again crashed the economy.

ALL government is socialist by definition. GOV takes from the producers and distributes it to the non-producers. We are often confronted with a choice between socialism and capitalism. This isn't anything but a lie. Capitalism is a production strategy and socialism is a DISTRIBUTION system.

Mankind uses saved energy and saved resources to accomplish projects that Man can not do on his own. These savings are capital. If we want to progress from being hunter-gatherers, we have to utilize capital.
Cooperation and capital are the foundation of society.

ALL government is socialist. GOV is always trying to promote democracy. Democracy is socialism-lite and eventually morphs into communism. No democracy has ever survived. Yes, Iceland is an exception. No democracy has ever worked for very long. Democracy worked in Athens because 1/3 of Athenians were slaves.

The average duration of a democracy is 150--200 years.

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government'

'A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury'

'From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship'"

A democracy is always temporary in nature

America is a disaster-in-the-making. It too will join the graveyard of empires that over-reached. None of this is anything new, EXCEPT that this time, the whole world will be drug down.

America's downfall was set in motion with the ratification of the constitution. Created, September 17, 1787. Ratified, June 21, 1788.

The Articles of Confederation were a LOOSE agreement. The constitutional convention went ahead without Jefferson. They knew that he would try to stop the ratification.

America was to be put on the path of a bastard stepchild of the British empire. It had to be consolidated to be controlled. The bankers needed a nation not, a loose confederation.
Many years later, the bankers once again prevailed. They forced the dimwit Lincoln to invade the southern states. Even Lincoln admitted that he had NO authority to force the states to remain in the union. Why did he invade and kill 600,000 fellow Americans?

"I have the Confederacy before me and the bankers behind me, and for America I fear the bankers most."
Abraham Lincoln.
It's been downhill ever since.

One of the the weak points of the constitution is the supreme court. It is a federal creation so it will always advocate increasing federal power. FED GOV was originally supposed to regulate interstate commerce and a few other things.

The constitution has allowed it to grow into a deadly weapon of the Anglo empire and the London bankers.

England over reached and couldn't afford it's empire. It handed off the baton of empire to America. America has now over reached and is bankrupt. We have 850---1,000 military bases all over the world. We start wars as a hobby. We kill millions on the flimsiest excuses. That is empire.

America started as a confederation. Then, with a constitution, it became a republic. The founding fathers knew that democracy had no future. Democracy is mob-rule and the bankers wanted a mob as it is easier to control. Universal suffrage and the 17th amendment insured that America would have mob rule. True to form, the populace has bankrupted the country.

49% of Americans receive direct assistance from GOV and 22% of children live in poverty.
34 Signs That America Is In Decline

For more information read;
Frank Chodorov "The Rise and Fall of Society"
Joseph Tainter, "The Collapse of Complex Societies".
Reinhart and Roghoff, "8 Centuries of Financial Foley"
Ludwig Von Mises. "Human Action"
"The market for Liberty"
"The End of Money and the Future of Civilization"
Ayn Rand
Murray Rothbard
Friedrich Hayek
Adam Smith
You can read much of their works online.
Famous Economists

We are offered a choice between fascism and Marxism. Neither plan includes personal or economic freedom. We will be free to work our tails off once again. Our children will be free to work like slaves to buy back that which was stolen from us. We can only hope that technology or violence will bring an end to the cycle.

The future desired by the state is pure socialism with the PTB in charge. The corporations are moving us to a fascist form of socialism. Given a chance, it will destroy America like it destroyed the U.S.S.R.
Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. Reagan warned us about socialism.
Commercial made 50 years ago by Ronald Reagan - YouTube

Reagan also proved by way of the Grace Commission that 1/3 of all tax money was wasted and NONE of the income tax collected went to GOV. ALL of it goes to the bankers.
The Grace Commission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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