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In posts #16 and 17 of this thread I explained why the "official" story of a plane hitting the Pentagon is totally absurd and false. Much of the most compelling information which exposed this actually came from Pentagon employees, including the two Pentagon security officers who were at the Citgo gas station at the time of the north side flyover, and the operator of the Pentagon heliport tower, which was located directly adjacent to the "crash" site. When these eyewitnesses were interviewed by the Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), they did not realize that their eyewitness accounts blew away the "official" story of the Pentagon "attack." Each of these witnesses had believed that a plane had hit the Pentagon, but it was not because they saw the plane collide. Rather, it was because they saw a plane headed towards the Pentagon, heard an explosion, saw a smoke plume, and believed that the "official" explanation and news reports which followed were truthful and accurate. When they were later made to realize that their eyewitness accounts actually disproved the "official" story, they had nothing further to say, but still stuck to the stories they had told to CIT as being the facts. Other Pentagon employees and visitors, who were knowledgeable regarding explosives, stated that they noticed the telltale odor of the explosive Cordite directly after the explosion, and one Pentagon employee who was working in an office adjacent to the "crash" area has come forward to say that she escaped from the building by walking through the breach hole, and that she never smelled jet fuel or saw any debris evidence of a plane having caused the breach. A video is available of this employee telling her story, and her testimonial is very compelling additional evidence that the 9/11 Pentagon story fed to the public by government, military, and media was a glaring hoax.

Every aspect of the "official" 9/11 story has been proven to be either false or highly questionable and suspicious, and any reasonable thinking person would conclude, after reviewing both the "official" story and the facts and evidence which contradict that story, that 9/11 was an inside job planned, executed, and covered up by conspirators seated in top level positions of our government, our military, and mainstream media.

There is surely way more compelling facts and evidence than should be necessary to require a new and thorough investigation of 9/11, and in resultant indictments of the real conspirators, but I doubt we will ever see that happen. Much of the physical evidence which would offer indisputable conclusive proof of a hoax has been destroyed or otherwise obscured. Evidential document records have likewise been shredded, hidden, or otherwise destroyed, and many of the 9/11 witnesses who were willing to reveal knowledge contrary to the "official" story have died of causes that are at best quite suspicious. Thus, in my opinion it is fruitless to request or hope that anyone currently seated in a position of influence high enough to compel a new investigation would actually do so. The only real and revealing investigations into 9/11 that we are ever likely to see are the ones already conducted by independent persons and groups within the 9/11 Truth movement, and while some of these studies offer differing theories about the relevant events, they all reach a similar conclusion - that the "official" 9/11 story was anything but the truth.
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