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Something Better

Second attempt - first response went into the wilderness!
I normally do my Posts on Firefox Thunderbird then copy and paste here as I have lost too many Posts as Energetic appears to go on serial holidays.

Would you please ask Eric if he can get himself familiar with the Yahoo format at 'n6kph' because the only one benefitting here is dRGreen and that is excellent but everyone else has difficulty in posting pics and diagrams?
I have asked this question before but had no answer.

Nobody has bothered to respond to my question as to whether you could see my last attempt at pasting pics but there again, no answer.

This is NOT the medium we should be using where Eric is limited in Computer skills and Yahoo makes it that much easier for both files and pictures and no 3rd party is involved.

I have asked Aaron for something better but that fell on deaf ears.

Cannot work this way and am now pushing all my information that nobody else appears to be having success with to 'dltorsiondevices' at Yahoo and just made an upload yesterday but will be removing all the old CSI stuff as it was only initial construction detail.

If I don't get a satisfactory conclusion here I may begin my own Yahoo site and this will include ALL my successful builds but the problem is with Eric and what he is used to and we need to get him up the curve whether he likes it or not because he IS the one that is missing out on all the detail.

He has a responsibility to each and everyone of us to continue with HIS incentive as we would ALL like to see a conclusion.

Excellent effort, keep it up as I don't wish to discredit anybody that is attempting to help Eric.

Thankyou for making a donation to Eric's cause as I see he failed to thank you for that effort but then we must consider his situation as he hates us all.
Your assessment of his condition was pretty much spot on and wish to thank you for the 'Shredded Messiah' label.

Nothing to do with us Eric, we are simply here trying to help you resolve your theories.

Thomas Henry Moray:
I am most interested in what you have to say with respect to Thomas Henry Moray as that is my other main project ongoing at this time.
This should be a good one for you and Vacuum Tubes and visible 'Energy Synthesis'.

All my information for the Moray project will be going to the Yahoo site as it would be wasted on this lacking medium here.
Notice at Yahoo there are NO sites in memory of TH Moray's work and the simple reason is that most have no experience with Vacuum Tubes other than the Amplifier sect who are only interested in making NOISE!

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