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Originally Posted by David G Dawson View Post
1) The experimental work of Dr Green highlights some of what has been given here on resonant coils. It is unfortunate that only Dr Green gives us data for study, others just "hide away" their work or yield "multiply".

This is the 'Zealot' who is being referred to above talking to the 'Shredded Messiah'.
I am unable to provide pictures because this medium is weak and lacking and does not allow me to provide what you want.
I am even unable to remove the thumbnails as that provision is now full and cannot be deleted.
Understand the medium chosen before you criticise please.

The pathetic use of 'Smilies' is sufficient indication that nothing serious is going to ferment here unless we focus one another on the true task ahead.
This is modern 'lack of substance' garbage that needs to find the bin.
I don't like this medium.

You have still not answered my questions with respect to 'what we can expect' with firing up the CSI (Crystal Set Initiative) with the 'Tesla Transformer Pulse Generator'?
I would consider the 'NET' and Guillemin to come in here to modify the input pulse such that we obtain the correct IMPULSE.

You are the one that has initiated this effort and would now like to know what the next step is that you have planned please after the power application?

Are you fully aware of how much all of this is costing each individual here with your 'Crystal Set Initiative' - a little humility please as we are not your enslaver.

I am the only one that has built your Vacuum Tube schematics and that is understandable as I am set up for that type of work but would appreciate some more concluding information so that we may progress as I am sure the others here are also interested in those results.

You keep telling me that I have a 'Tandem' TMT operating and I am going to disagree with you on that as I have a 'multiply' Extra coil and NOT your 'divide'.
Why is it that I am able to hear my Extra Coil transmitting from as far away as 20" through the pickup head and headphones and cannot do so with the local AM Station?

Is AM modulation the next step that you would be proposing as I have prepared also for that event?
Is this what the 'Regenerative Magnifying Receiver' (RMR) would be used for - Telluric wireless communication?

You are the Mentor here with responsibilities and we are your students attempting to understand and build your theories as you so freely provide and we in turn are responding in appreciation by doing our best with what you have to offer.

I will do my best to put all my data onto paper and send by mail to you but would first like the above questions answered so that we may continue with focussed experiment on YOUR system.


Smokey, while you and I may not agree on some of the technical details and maths here, with this I do agree 100%, posting pics and information is a major PITA! I share loads of technical data and engineering help on other sites that are set-up with a much easier interface. the lack here of this ability takes time to work around it, and frankly i don't have a lot of spare time to do this.

It shorts all involved and Eric from getting the data he wants. not being able to post properly formatted equations is beyond frustrating!

having to host the files and pics on another site and embed a link to them is frustratingly slow. I applaud DrGreens effort in this, I just don't have enough spare time.
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