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Economic pressures

Ash and I have been corresponding for quite some time. I sent him info on the economy. He has been after me to start a website,, won't happen. He wanted me to post here so, I asked him to start a thread that I would contribute to.
I've waited a couple of months but, it hasn't happened yet.

That brings us to the present. I've been in the groups for about 7 years. I've built this and that. I have great mechanical understanding but not much aptitude for electrical stuff. Like everybody else, I have lots of magnets and wheels and wire. It's just not my area of expertise.

The economy I understand better.
I saw the crash coming in summer of '05 while living in a log house in Bend, Oregon. I left Oregon to return to L.A. and get some money together. i didn't want to be pushing a shopping cart and eating dog food. I didn't start writing about the coming crash until '07. I started a thread at Burning Man.
ePlaya • View topic - The Long Cold Winter

I'll try to write on a regular basis. It is EXTREMELY difficult to explain and encompass the entire economy. There is a person who has made a very good attempt at just that.
Martin Armstrong is the best. He is a Princeton professor, same as Bernanke. The difference is that he got away from academia and knows what the real world is like. He and his undergraduates created a program that runs 23,000 variables. It also contains the economic history for much of the world for the last 2000---3000 years.

He had a very successful business around the world. U.S. GOV demanded his program and he told them to shove-it. GOV put him in prison for 7 years for contempt. After the 7 years, they convicted him of securities fraud. They convicted without the formalities of a trial. After a couple more years, they released him. They took everything. He is VERY bitter.

He never surrendered his program. It is now running with AI in real time.
He has an ENORMOUS command of history. He can tell you where any famous person was at any point in history ,,, within reason. Here is a link to get you started.
Manipulating the World Economy | Armstrong Economics

If you are interested in gold, there is a source of info that started several years ago.
"Another" has always been anonymous. It is believed that he was a central banker. After a few years of messages, Another dropped out and was followed by "friend of another" FOA. Later, FOA dropped out and was followed by "friend of friend of Another" FOFOA. FOFOA is not anonymous.
ALL 3 of the contributors are brilliant in their area. There is no detail relevant to gold that is too obscure to find. If you want the deepest understanding possible on the subject of gold, you have to read the writings of Another, FOA and FOFOA.

A writer who has an EXCELLENT understanding of economics is Antal Fekete.
Professor Antal E. Fekete - Articles
He is incomparable in his field. The "John Bedini" of details and understanding.

While it is useful to understand the economic forces that shape our world, it is imperative to understand the forces that are pulling the ultimate strings.
The bankers, the Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, the Vatican, The U.N. et al are pulling lots of strings. These groups are also under the control of a higher level.

I'll add more as time permits. I currently post only in "comments" at the Daily Bell. The Daily Bell
I have leaned a lot there. Ingo Bischoff is an extremely informative contributor.
The Daily Bell
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