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Originally Posted by Gpilot View Post
I got my 24" bedini wheel going, using 12v batt. And 100 ohm resistor. 700-800 turns of .80mm and .56mm wire, and a copper coated steel welding rod core. I am seeing people say they get anywhere from 1,500-10,000 rpm from their sg's. mine spins 120-180 rpm max. How can i get my wheel jamming like the others?
Yes, What he said. However, what is the purpose of the "Bedini Bike Wheel"?
if we were looking for speed, you might want to look else-where.

You are looking for the spike - it's all about the spike. You want it clean and mean. Low to no Amp draw.
John Bedini has been posting here:

John Bedini

Glad you found these pages at Energetic Forum, but if you want answers that come from JB, the above link is where you want to be.
See you there,
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