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Originally Posted by Gpilot View Post
I got my 24" bedini wheel going, using 12v batt. And 100 ohm resistor. 700-800 turns of .80mm and .56mm wire, and a copper coated steel welding rod core. I am seeing people say they get anywhere from 1,500-10,000 rpm from their sg's. mine spins 120-180 rpm max. How can i get my wheel jamming like the others?
Such high speeds are easy to achieve with smaller rotors My MG1 was the fastest motor I built which went over 8000rpm with a 5" rotor (very fast for a rotor that size)

MG-1 : 8550rpm, 712hz, 193km/h - YouTube

For a bike wheel you can expect it will be a lot slower, but remember there will be more pulses per revolution because you have more magnets It might be slower, but that doesn't make it any less powerful!
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