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Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
Apologies if this is already posted! I was attempting to get some Idea of what a resonant impulse wave might construct like .. This link popped out of google Longitudinal Waves | Reciprocal System v2 Forum
It referenced E.P.Ds video. and seems in full agreement with all he says. Its somewhat over my head but I thought you guys might enjoy it.
good find, fascinating read and what's interesting to note is that what he's talking about flies in the face of conventional physics for electricity but not for quantum or QED. quantum physics is not about the limit of C, it's really just the physics of the really small. there are many unanswered questions in quantum physics, simple because the interactions and predictive math for the standard model fails and is also the same for SR, which is firmly based on the limit of C.

I'd venture that his responses are based from the string theory camp, multiple dimensions etc.. setting aside string theory the reason for the need of bringing in the dimensions is the mathematics doesn't make any sense unless you split up the time & space, but that's due to the math matrix keeping the scalar and vector forms in a forced 3d.

I'll try and explain how I interpret Eric's argument in regards to conventional physics. basic algebra and calculus are tools to model the measurement results of experiments in order to produce predictive results without constant complex experimentation. however what must be kept in mind and is usually not, the measurements are fictitious. I'll explain, what is current? voltage? they are mathematical inventions, the gauge or needle moves to read what? a force, that force is then scaled to match the mathematical result.

here's where the problem arises, students are taught using math to invent the world around them. the math becomes science and the cart gets ahead of the horse. the true physical world is so complex it's not possible to model it with an all encompassing equation, so it's discreetly broken down. that introduces a few problems. this is where the gauge of needing a fixed reference comes into to tie everything back together and viola we get the limit of C drilled into our heads.

for most things in macro size the mathematics are close enough in tolerance that this is not a real issue as there is no need to invoke relativity, hence the speed of light isn't a factor. quantum which is where electricity resides is not going to work out well using the macro system. but that's what's being done, it's being forced to fit by use of special relativity, a no good attempt at bridging the two worlds.

then we end up with phenomenon that can't be explained because the system in place is not correct,so it's dismissed. the turning point was the 1927 solvay conference. for academia to stand back and go oops' we made a mistake and the last 85yrs have been a waste is never going to happen, the religion of science is far to entrenched.

this really will require a completely new mathematical model and system to move forward. using the math and science we have now to do this makes it twice as hard if not impossible.

Eric, if I'm incorrect anywhere in my understanding of your view please feel free to correct it.
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