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Dr Green,

From your you tube video you have a HALF WAVE on your secondary and a three eigths wave on your extra coil. The exciting frequency is too high then as indicated by the space distribution with your probe, this a potential device. Neons are better than LED, or make a capacitance pickup for your oscilloscope. With oscillator on X axis and probe on Y axis you can measure phase shift. Read Vol II, Communication Networks, Introduction for distributed constants definition.

If your extra coil RAISES the secondary frequency, it is magnetic inductive and wire is too long. If it drops the secondary frequency it is dielectric capacitive and wire is too short on the extra coil. Note, you must have primary condenser on primary loop.

Also, place a RF milliammeter in neutral to ground connection for indication of Telluric output. The 6SN7 driver I gave in past can give you more power so as to light lamps.


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