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You may all be correct about the wave being transmitted across the diameter of the Earth. Very Interesting.

As for this paper :
Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla's power receiver

I understand what this author is saying, and believe this applies to some situations, but not all. His argument seems somewhat circular. He proposes the atom resonates with the em energy, and so has a much larger field, which can receive the longer wave. But how is the atom originally receiving any em energy to grow in size, if it has not yet received any energy, and thus has not grown in field size, and thus cannot receive the em to begin with?

This paper is just a technical run around in my eyes.

He declares in this paper :

After all, electric and magnetic fields cannot BEND other fields. They cannot affect each other directly. They work by superposition. For the same reason, a light wave cannot deflect another light wave.

Which has been proven incorrect in special circumstances:

Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 1626 (1997): Positron Production in Multiphoton Light-by-Light Scattering

Einstein too predicted scattering of light by light.

There is more going on here than what this paper implies.
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