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Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
I think you did. When you create a high pressure, you put more gass in a certain space. This gass comes from somewhere where consequently a low pressure is formed. Looking at the MT, first current (charge) is drawn from the Earth and stored in the elevated capacitor. ==> Low preasure Earth, high pressure cap. Then this process is reversed creating the opposite charge distribution. So there is your dipole Earth is one pole, the cap is the other.
But where is the dipole in the transmission line, between power supply and load? It's a monopolar transmission system. One sphere, the pump goes in or out, the pressure gauges respond, they don't need another reference point, or two poles. Hobby Eon said it as if it was a revelation, but if it's a revelation that you shouldn't short out the TMT or any "Tesla coil" and "kill the dipole" by connecting a load across it (connecting a pipe from the bottom of the pump back up to the top) then I don't know what to say.

Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
Yes, the one in Colorado Springs may have been, but that does not necessarily mean that Wardenclyffe was too. And then, this is only the 'free system' or power supply. With the potential generated another system was set in motion. See 'rare notes'.
Yes, Wardenclyffe is a different design. The given frequency is of both the secondary and the power supply in CS.

Originally Posted by T-rex

Diameter: 15 meters
Height: 1 meter
Number of Turns: 17 numeric
Mean Length of Turn: 47 meters
Total Length of Turns: 800 meters
Luminal Wavelength: 3200 meters
Self Capacitance: 1500 picoFarad
Self Inductance: 10 milliHenry
Luminal Frequency: 94 Kc/sec
Free Space Frequency: 64 Kc/sec
Actual Frequency: 43 Kc/sec
Free Space Propagation: 68%
Actual Propagation: 46%
Transmission Impedance: 2500 Ohm
Dielectric Burden: 330 picoFarads

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