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I don't think you're quite on the mark saying that the wave is deep within the earth. Now I could be wrong but I think you're assuming that the wave Tesla uses travels around the globe like the energy for Schumann resonance does. The resonant frequency Tesla cites as being around 12 Hz is for an entirely different resonant mode to Schumann Resonance. Schumann Resonance is based on energy travelling around the Earth. Tesla repetitively stated that the current travels through the Earth, not around like normal electromagnetic radiation. The resonant frequency would be the inverse of the period for the energy to travel to one end of the earth and then back again or 2 * diameter of Earth or:


c is speed of light
d is the diameter of earth (12,735,000 m)

Gives f = 11.77Hz

EDIT: Didn't see your post Ernst, this gives you the number you wanted above. 11.77 s^-1 = 0.085 seconds

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