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You said:
I don't think I did.
I think you did. When you create a high pressure, you put more gass in a certain space. This gass comes from somewhere where consequently a low pressure is formed. Looking at the MT, first current (charge) is drawn from the Earth and stored in the elevated capacitor. ==> Low preasure Earth, high pressure cap. Then this process is reversed creating the opposite charge distribution. So there is your dipole Earth is one pole, the cap is the other.
The Magnifying Transmitter operated at 45 kc.
Yes, the one in Colorado Springs may have been, but that does not necessarily mean that Wardenclyffe was too. And then, this is only the 'free system' or power supply. With the potential generated another system was set in motion. See 'rare notes'.
All the other points that you mention, I believe I have covered in the first 2 posts opening this thread.

To resonate with 7-12 Hz you would need a helluva big coil and capacitor.
Not necessarily. Please read this.
You just need to be able to generate this frequency and as I said before that can be done. (my second last post before this one)
You are correct about the relationship between the Schumann frequency and the Earth circumferance. Now please, calculate for me how long it would take for a pulse travelling at light speed, to travel through the Earth (through its center) to the opposite side and back.

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