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When i posted i knew that SHILL ""dr green"" wouild react ! I knew it. I can smell a shill from miles.
So multiply anything he says/said by -1 and you have the right answers. But enough of this ugly liar who lives in a trailer.

Why doesn't (shill) Green talk about Moray ?
All his shill activities work counter productive.

Didn't you just say "enough of this"?
Then let me say that again.
Talking about "counter productive" ??? What on earth do you think you will accomplish with cluttering up threads with name-calling? If anyone wishes to resort to such immature behaviour then please start a separate thread for that so that HERE we can focus on Wardenclyffe.
I can fully understand anybody's frustration if either you can not get your idea accros or if someone refuses to agree with your ideas. But that is just how it is and actually it that, which gives a forum like this its power.
If we would all share the same thoughts, then all your lifes are useless and I can do all the thinking for all of us.
Please play on the ball, not on eachother!

And actually Hobby-Eon, I do not see where your frustration is coming from. Didn't you say "Don't kill the dipole", and then dr-Green showed you that you are right?
Whatever it is, just drop it!

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