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Thanks dR-green, yes that was staring me right in the face wasn't it.
I understand how we can have power without destroying the dipole now.

Let me summarize some information here about Wardenclyffe and its likely frequency of operation. I think this connects some of what I spoke of before in a clearer fashion.

Tesla is credited with discovering the Schumann Resonance or frequency, which is currently given a value of between 7 and 8 hertz depending on who you reference.

Realize this number can be plugged into the formula:

velocity = frequency * wavelength

We can thus calculate wavelength as:

wavelength = velocity / frequency

We know the velocity is the speed of light ( 2.99 E 8 and frequency is 8 Hz.

This gives us wavelength equal to approximately 37375000 meters.

Since this wave is traveling around the spherical earth, we can divided by PI to get the diameter of this circular path.

37375000 / PI = 11896832 meters as the diameter of the circular path.

In kilometers this is approximately 12,000 kms, the approximate diameter of the Earth.

This is not made up mathematics. It is very well known we can calculate the approximate radius or diameter of the Earth, knowing the Schumann Resonance Fundamental Frequency. Tesla refers to this ability of his tower to measure distance.

In order to utilize the spherical shape of the earth to transmit power, Wardenclyffe would have absolutely been required to resonant with one of the Schumann Resonant frequencies. It is admitted Tesla was the first to discover this frequency, placing it at about 8 Hz.

This low frequency energy may represent a significant amount of power, if it were possible to capture it and step up the frequency to a more useful value.

Interestingly lightning is considered responsible for the amount of energy naturally within the Schumann Cavity. I suppose it would make sense that in order to tap the power of lightning, we would need a device which can recreate the power of lightning, and is tuned to the same exact frequencies as the lightning discharge energy. In this way we can get power from lightning strikes, by tapping all lightning strokes total energy contribution to the Schumann Cavity. The brief high power energy of each lightning stroke is distributed throughout the whole Schumann Cavity, which we can tap into to get some of the power from the lightning strokes. In this fashion, we could use the Schumann cavity as a mechanism for capturing the energy of lightning.

However, this is power from low frequencies, I do not understand why Tesla and so many others spoke of high frequencies. Perhaps the energy for the lightning strike itself, comes from higher frequency energy? Eventually Tesla realized a way to tap the higher frequency energy directly, without need for transmission at all?
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