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Jerry Bayles

Jerry E Bayles at has come up with some most interesting theories which he appears to prove with Maths with reference to the A vector and also with regard to the Pyramids of Giza.
An accident when dismantling a 3 piece thin tube antenna which gave a high pitched hiss (high voltage - snake - Caduceus) when it came near the metal roof suggests an Aetheric phenomena which may be linked to Hydrogen.
Eric might also be interested in this data (John, Dave):

I am into Tubes so will put this one on the project list as it does not appear to be that difficult to replicate but may give us a deeper understanding of the CSI and related phenomena.

Not even going to pretend I understand his Maths but like this reference to
'e' which is the natural number of 2.7182818285 (first pdf page12).
This was labelled as Jerry's 'Eureka Moment'.

Was going to paste the extract into here but it won't happen.

On the same page Jerry goes on to talk about 'negative energy' with respect to UFOs.
This is similar to what I am currently doing with the Joe Cell by block charging into the negative and looks like Hydrogen is the associated gas we are dealing with here.
Have already proven that this increases the holding charge in the Cell from 2 to 2.5 volts.
The deeper into the negative the higher the holding charge is what we are attempting to prove here.

Have also just finished the 600volt +/- minus power supply and this will be used in a like manner in other areas - going negative as against positive.
What this means is that your positive becomes ground and the negative becomes a minus value like -20 volts with what I am using with the Joe Cell.
Or you can go deeper into the negative with positive at -20 and the negative at -40 volts - a block negative polarity shift.

Have been using a small single gang Condenser between secondary and extra and am able to tune for a signal peak in the headphones and this in a testing option to the Copper rings.
Signal also appears to be louder than with the direct connection.
Have some large bodied (5.5mm) CV2290 (GEX66) Germanium Diodes coming and will compare with the 1N34A, 1N67A and 1N270 I am currently using in pickup heads.
Have a letter going off to Eric and hoping he has the time to respond.

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