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Post and My Reply to Another Forum

Ok well at the top of the site it has a link to a warm vs. cool site. It's split of into two sections. Both of the sections seem to have the same images, but one is hot and one is cold, it seems. I just don't know how it works. If you could explain that I would appreciate it. I find a lot of it confusing and I really don't have the time to read it all through to understand it.

if you're sensitive enough you will feel the difference. The hot site is photograph of burning charcoal and then gravitoned, same as the cold site which is snow photographed.

So my understanding is that gravitonics is basically an image of this crystal magnetic device that he has. It seems you fill a storage disc with these images and it's supposed to be like a chi generator. You can also increase the energy of a certain picture by layering it.

No. and he is "she" I emailed her several years ago to add up. Actually she's a cute one for being a scientist! Wink

To graviton something, you take an image of your choosing, then copy and paste it over and over. If you want a type of crystal, let’s say like amethyst, you take a picture of it over the internet then graviton it (copy and then paste it many times over).

The word gravitonic seems to just be life energy. It seems that someone has just attached another name to it. A graviton is viewed by science as a particle responsible for gravity. There was a theory that some of these particles were going into another universe, which explains why gravity is known as a weak force(ie. it should be a lot stronger than it actually is). I think that's right. It seems like they're just attaching a scientific word to this to make it seem more real. Not that the energy is not real, it's just weird when you attach scientific words to something like this.

Masakazu Karita's mentor was a passed-away scientist too. He was the one who discovered graviton and its theory. Thus graviton has scientific history.

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