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Originally Posted by David G Dawson View Post
Excellent work and diagrams as usual, however, two questions.
Don't see any difference between the Tandem and the Concatenated drawings and would have expected the Concatenated output to be way above the Tandem but that is not the case.
Am I missing something here?
Thanks Smokey. No you're not missing anything. The setup is exactly the same in both situations, only the frequency is different. Also as Eric said no one knows if Concatenated resonance is even possible, everything so far has resulted in a lower Concatenated mode potential than Tandem mode. Although I'm measuring it through the field that can be picked up around the coils, so I'm not ruling out the possibility that only the "measured" potential is lower at the given distance, the field itself is different so it's not necessarily an accurate comparison I don't think. I had previously put the lower Concatenated potential down to the fact the secondary is too high frequency and needs to be tuned down a lot resulting in an an inefficiency, but since replacing the test coil with the two turn primary and adding a condenser I'm not so sure about that any more either. So there's still plenty of room for more tests on everything.

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