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Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
Walter Graham offers one theory about the rush to fluoridate Ulster's water. 'In 1976 Margaret Thatcher suggested fluoride for Northern Ireland. German research shows fluoride has mind-controlling properties. It made people lethargic. Remember, Mrs Thatcher has a chemistry degree. So why should she suggest fluoride for Northern Ireland?'
Because Northern Ireland was out of control? Mr Graham gave me a knowing look".
Good post Duncan, as are others here.
Also flouride is not the only water distributed chemical capable of either 'controlling' people, or shortening their 'pension' lives. What about Aluminium Sulphate which poisons bacteria and adds sparkle ?

Hence a water distiller MUST come before 'free energy' for anyone wishing to preserve their ability to *think* about making same !!!!!

When I develop 'free energy' will I publicly share the plans ? No way.
Why ?
Because the techno fascist PTB devolvers are maintaining a society blind to the fact that they are being 'common purpose' controlled.

Cheers ............ Graham.

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