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good idea GSM
air waves was a bad use of words i agree, radio stations was an example of the fact that the air is nowdays "alive"? just as tesla intended it to be. tesla did say his tower was a capacitor that was ment to be covered in armour plates that were never installed as it was never finnished
the frame was timber and the tower was off the ground so as it would not leak back to the earth, it was never ment to shoot bolts of lightning into the air as most think
i have a video of my new device, i still dont have a voltage meter but you can see the sparks it makes, ill post it so people can see how easy it really is, ive nic named it my hurry curry device as it has blown up everything ive hooked up to it its a bit dangerous but shows its easy to do, someone with knowlage can make it usable but without a meter i have left it dissconnected and have not done anything with it
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