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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
It is a very tricky question you ask here , ibpointless2

as the tool for your freedom is also a tool for your enslavement .... you should know that it is the same line of thought that our "dear" leaders hold of us "the Sheep" .

will have to think hard on it

my answer

what would Tesla do ?
What would Tesla do ? I think he decided the world was not ready for some of his inventions.

So in a world separated into four groups
1. The rich
2. The poor
3. The thinkers, (doers) The smart one's that use their brains.
4. The un-thinkers, (the un-doers) The one's who don't think much for themselves.

What will the poor people and the un-thinkers do when the thinkers and doers
either get rid of the rich people or team up with them ? If suddenly all the
money and the rich people disappeared how would most people survive ?
Oh I forgot they don't think about it.

Even the rich people can't eat their money if the money becomes worthless.
The most precious thing on the planet to anybody ought to be their ability to
think and solve problems.

How often do you hear someone answer when asked why they do something
a certain way with the answer, "because that's how it is done". Monkey see
monkey do. I always try to think of the "why" if I have time and it is not
immediately obvious. It's shocking to hear when asked that many people don't
actually know why they do things, they just do.

It's not really about smart or dumb, it is about those that think and exercise
the brains to common sense and logic and those that don't. The problem with
some thinkers is they use their brains for thinking up SCAMS to con money
and stuff from others. Only the un-thinkers can be scammed by the thinkers
who have turned to the dark side.

Many people see the only way they can make money, is to take it from others
by scams ect.

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