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We are 'consciously' working to 'counter-act', or 'defeat' natural selection! We are, by our 'social policies', and many other developments deriving from 'civilisation' polluting the Gene pool, with more and more idiots and sociopaths.

I really think the "Darwin Awards" should be used as the basis for a 'Game Show'; with 'contestents' being offered a million $ prize, for the most creative way of permanently removing themself from the Gene pool.
After all, anyone contemplating becoming a contestent would be too stupid to realise the $ wouldn't be of any use to them once they won, (and were DEAD!).

Think how much all those people your talking about, who sit around and watch videos of people hurting themselves and laughing, would LOVEa show of people killing themselves! And, (hopefully) many of these idiots would emulate what they saw, kind of an 'exponential' effect.

Seriously, and farmer or rancher 'worth his salt' prevents plants or animals that have 'undesirable' traits from re-producing; and yet we seem to be doing everything we can, to INSURE that individuals with undesirable traits not only survive but reproduce. And any attempts to suggest that SOME people should, perhaps, not be allowed to reproduce is derided as rascist, or Hitler 'superior race' talk, or whatever.

Saw a news story, awhile back; by genetic testing the state PROVED that this 1 young guy had fathered 25 children out of wedlock, with 21 different women; they waited till he turned 18, so they could 'nail' him for child support; each mother was only able to get something like $1.23 per child, per month, because he was only making minimum wage.

Now, not only was HE a candidate for 'restricting' his 'ability' to reproduce, what about the 'Mom's? And, in particular, it was 25 kids from 21 women! That means there were several women that not only had 1 kid 'out of wedlock' with this guy, but went on toi have a SECOND kid with him! And THEN,turned to the STATE for support; which is what 'triggered' the state doing the genetic testing to detirmine paternity.

So YES, your not the only one to notice, with each generation, we are producing a greater and greater % of Idiots, and there is no stopping it now!
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