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Originally Posted by soffty View Post

We cannot bring our consciousness from the other dimension into this vibrating world. We forget all of it. We just have FREE WILL to help us make the right choice.

My books are designed to help mankind. I offer the truth of life's meaning, as I mention here. Plus I offer the Act of Giving. So, no matter what % you are, I have your salvation. This choice you have now is your FREE WILL.

I am starting a new quest and will not have internet access, plus I will not be very active spiritually if I do get online. This is my last effort to give away my very short (20 pages) freeEbooks. They will always be available online, but I will not be around sharing them and seeking a way to offer help. I will be working in the real world with my hands.

Can you picture the idea of being 55 years old and having the opportunity to do anything you want? The ability to walk out the front door and look at the beautiful day and look north, then south, then west, and then east...and choose a direction?

To be free from the restrictions set in place by the city, an employer, a wife, or a self-imposed limitation?

No bills. No obligations. Just the ability to drive along slowly...below the speed limit, letting life come to you, and then just savoring the slow motion?

I am a handyman. I like to remodel homes. I need to improve my ability to mesh with other people. To show and receive love.

If I am on my last quest in this life i am going to go out in my fashion...on a path I choose. I will let me be Wade, and I will invent a new list of different wear on my shirt sleeve and ponder.

I will not go out with fear, regret, obligation, failure, disgust, or shame. I will discover and explore. I will blaze a new trail.

The last time I did this I drove too fast and had a goal. That was my mistake. It is time for me to let this world know that I am not conquered or burdened with being normal or wrapped up in a knot. I will be FREE.

Fear is the opposite of love. When we have love in our life the fear is moved back, but may still be there. We have the ability to erase the fear, and there are specific things that can do this. If we do erase the fear, there is room for the love. Self confidence is an indicator of this love.

I recommend that you read Deal Or No Deal (25 pages) and Act Of Giving (20 pages).

Good Luck on your Quest Bro ,

May you find the two L : Love and Light

and thank you for your valuable input

ps: an advise before you hit the road .... best way to beat a game is to change its rules
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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